Are you a company marketing or corporate communications manager? Our team understand that your responsibility for corporate video production is unique to your company and its brand.

Corporate businesses are in need of video content that is intended for an express purpose, and is targeted towards a limited or specific audience. Our team offer videos that you can incorporate within a strategy.

They include:

  • product, service or company promotional videos,
  • staff training videos
  • information videos
  • communication and safety videos,
  • promotional brand films

We work with you to empower your company’s marketing strategy, and create content that engages your target audience.

Whether your target market is internal staff, consumers or B2B, we will listen to your needs and find the best solution to fit your strategy.

Seldex Story – Crafting photo albums that last forever!


In this digital world where memories are captured and stored electronically, becoming less tactile than a printed photograph, Seldex had a particular dilemma. They produce the tangible – the photo albums! Their intent for their film was to inspire photographers and inform them of the products that they hand craft. It became a glimpse of the behind the scenes story, coupled with history and a reminder that the printed photograph will last forever.