Strategically and economically, video marketing enables consumers and retailers to differentiate between brands and expands the way they interact with fashion & apparel products.

The fashion & apparel industry is not new to video content. As the marketer of this industry you are looking to be innovative and creative in your strategy. There is a fundamental need to account for consumer behavior, changing demands, wants and trends of your buyers. How you communicate your brand and apparel is a determining effect of your success and competiveness.

Some key factors in your marketing strategy that you would be considering are:

  • Driving commerce by promoting your brand and products through multiple channels that are cost effective
  • Engaging fans who are loyal with inside scoops of the latest and greatest trends that are hitting the market
  • Evaluating products and attitudes of your consumers & retailers.

Creating an innovative, interactive and engaging experience for your consumer with video marketing strategies cultivates opportunities and enhances your online presence.

Brand Awareness // Bluey AustraliaLive Active Everyday


A growing company, Bluey Merino is on a path to make their brand stand out. In this campaign film, the marketing manager & owner wanted to demonstrate the versatility of their garments through the conditions, sports and purposes they withstand. A pure visual story piece that takes sports men and women through NSW, the brand is subtly reinforced in an emotive way. Used in conjunction with a marketing strategy, this production is one piece of their film jigsaw puzzle, that has allowed them to be recognized by the wool industry and other partners.