Creating testimonials is one of the most effective video types that you can add into your marketing strategy.

Testimonials can be used by small, large or not for profit organisations. They are seen as the most effective method of social proof and often is a swaying factor on consumers buying decisions. The authenticity of video testimonials creates an empathy with potential clients as they hear the inflections in the voice, see the body language as the client speaks and put into perspective the situation that impacted on their choices.

Some of the reasons that testimonials are effective are:

  • When a potential client hears how your customer loves the product they just purchased or are thrilled with the service they have been provided, their raving experience creates a trust that is undeniable about your business.
  • Real clients change a message from a hard to a soft sell. Your intent is to send a particular message through your video and because testimonials aren’t written in your “voice,” they stand out as unbiased accounts of how well your business works.
  • A good testimonial overcome skepticism and has the power to convince potential clients that your product or service really made a difference in your customer’s life – and that you can help them too.

Your video testimonial is an opportunity to provide evidence that you solve customers’ problems and create amazing outcomes.

Here are some examples: