We try to answer our customer questions with insightful information.
It helps business owners and managers think of how to approach new ideas  for video content that can promote their product or service branding.

How much does a video cost?

One of the most common questions that a client or a potential client will ask me is how much a video production costs?

So there are three things that I need to take into account when it comes to working out a quote for a client. The first part is the pre-production. The pre-production involves things like taking into account any talent that you might require, any locations that you require to be shot at and any scripting that you might require to be included in your video production.

Once we actually determine and work out the pre-production, we can then move to production itself. So production is all about shooting, some need to take into account any sort of special gear that you require to be brought in, and the number of crew we need to hire  to make the production flow beautifully.

And the third part is post-production. Post-production is all about editing, so it involves things like animation and special effects that you may want to add to your video. And overall these three components are what help me determine the right price for your project.

How long does it take?

For most of our clients in working out the time frame is will take to produce a video, we need to actually think about the pre-production phase.

Once that’s complete and everything is down pat, the shoot date and post-production will fall into place beautifully. On average, for most of our small businesses the editing time frame is around 10-14 working days. But this can vary depending on any special effects or any sort of animation that is required to be added into the post-production process.

So if there is a specific time-frame that you require us to be complete for your project, let us know and we will ensure and work towards completing it in that time-frame.

Where can I film my videos?

In thinking about the best location for your video production, there are three common locations that we often film at.

The first one is your own premises.

The second one is your client’s location and if neither of these work we can also look at a studio where we can actually minimise disruption to your workplace and to your clients as well.

Can you help me with ideas for a video?

Often clients are a little bit uncertain about what type of content to talk about in their videos and their messages. So we will actually work out and sit down with them to talk about these ideas and work towards a strategic objective for each message that they want to convey.

The three common objectives that we discuss with our clients are brand awareness, online engagement and client education.

Once we actually determine which one of these objectives are the most important, we can then look at the style of video production that’s going to actually achieve these results that you are actually looking for.

How do I create a script?

When it comes to actually converting your messages and the content you want to deliver, we actually feel that you are an expert in your field and in your business.

So clients actually want to know what you know.

If you find you are struggling and need a little help where able to assist you and sit down with you and work out a script that is going to convey all of those messages you want to say.