Creating a brand story really needs to reflect the business, and more importantly, the people behind the business. To build the brand story of Paras Clinic, we spent several sessions compiling short informational stories that captures the essence of each procedure. One point that Peter wanted to bring out, is the desire for his patients to live their best life. This became the core story line that we asked each of the staff, and then built it from there. We are very exited to share this brand story that captures the heart & soul of Peter and his staff.

I’ve wanted to share today’s advice with you for quite some time, but I’ve been very cautious about how to approach this. As an advocate for my clients, I help organisations use video to communicate with and educate their local and broader communities. If you lead the communication for a medical research organisation and are exploring the role of video, either as part of staff training or to engage potential patients and clients, the Preface Films team can help advise you on the best approach. At the outset, I am legally obliged to inform you that the advice I am […]