Preface team 2016

Our goal is to get to the heart of each story we tell, whether it be from a scripted page or documenting a life well lived.

We create stories that engage an audience by captivating them through emotion. Our objective is to connect with your audience . . . through tears, laughter and a deeper understanding of you, your business, your story.

So today I’d like to introduce you to The Preface Films team and share a little about our individual stories, by shining a light into the lives of the unique individuals who make up our team.

We care deeply about sharing our client’s stories, and I’m very proud to say our team has consistently created strategically sound, award winning work and is widely recognised through our profession.

A team of multifaceted, curious, skilled people who are highly practiced in the art of “getting our hands dirty”.

Dean Morris – Creative Director, Preface Films

In my role as Creative Director for Preface Films, I enjoy the sense of achievement; of being able to visualise something and then see it happen – from concept to creation.

There’s sometimes a blur between work and life for me, which is a natural part of the creative process. While I’ll always manage to fit in some fresh air and exercise on the weekend, some Sundays are spent editing, especially if we’ve been shooting with clients on the Friday.

If I could tell anyone’s story I would choose a local young Paralympian. Her journey would be inspirational to share…to hear all of her challenges and triumphs that has given her the opportunity to be a local hero.

Elyssa Morris Screenwriter, Preface Films 

As the 2015 AVPA (Australian Video Producers Association) Student Award Winner, I guess you could say I’m definitely following in my parent’s footsteps!

My role includes taking on the responsibility as the Screenwriter for Preface Films. I enjoy being able to tell stories, send messages and create emotion with the audiences who experience our films.

Rather than tell someone else’s story, I’m focused on creating my own stories. I’m currently studying at Swinburne University, where I am half way through my Diploma of Screen & Media, Film & Television. I love the challenge and excitement of working in new teams which gives me opportunities to travel the world. India & a Bollywood Film is my next stop, in my 2017 filmmaking career!

Rochelle Morris – Video Producer & Company Director, Preface Films

As the founder of Preface Films, and as the AIPP Video Silver Award Winner – Documentary 2016, I partner with Marketing and Communications Managers in a variety of industries, to create stories on video that capture, inspire and engage your audience.

What I enjoy most about my role is being able to take chances and create something that makes a difference. For me, it’s all about the audience and finding ways to make what we do purposeful. It can be risky, but I love that! They say that everything is sweetened by risk.

When you run your own family business, much of what we do is centered around our clients and current projects. However, I do take the time to exercise, run errands and enjoy planning for family birthday celebrations.

I find the idea of choosing one story to tell tough, but if I had to choose just one, I’d say Fiona’s story because she inspires me. Fiona is our photographer and you can read more about her below.

Mike Mills – Websites, Preface Films 

I’m responsible for creating stunning websites with the Preface Films team and enjoy the creative process and seeing our clients get excited about their new site or web store.

On weekends you may find me attending gruelling karate tournament training followed by a garden clean up in my bamboo forest or watching the Formula 1. My moto is family first, I always enjoy putting the most important people in my life ahead of anything else.

If I could tell anyone’s story it would be mine, because it’s about passion!

Fiona Handbury – Photographer, Preface Films

As a Photographer, I look for ‘the moments’, I believe that video captures the story, but it’s the photography that captures the moments.

A fresh, simple, and artistic approach to all genres of photography increases my flexibility to work in new surroundings and situations.

If I could tell someones story, it would be my son’s: A story about a little boy that wasn’t meant to survive in the womb, yet now is a happy healthy and so very cheeky 11 year old. Life is precious, celebrate every milestone with family and friends.

On the weekend you’ll find me with camera in hand, or running some crazy number of kilometres around the countryside.

The Preface Films Team

Our Story. A blend of creatives who believe in a small, multi-disciplined team approach that allows for clarity of vision and efficiency not seen in larger, hierarchical models.

Preface Films is a new kind of creative resource. Collectively, our core team has over 4.5 decades of experience working for a diverse range of industries – everything from Food & Drink, Sports & Fashion to Arts & Architecture.

We understand the importance of telling your story and would love the opportunity to tell yours. Please contact us today to find out how we can help tell your story, and influence your stakeholders and customers in their buyer journey.