Melbourne Corporate Video // Chambers Institute – Short Film :: Preface Films from Preface Films on Vimeo.

Learning is a journey – it never ends! It can become a bigger challenge when you migrate, whether it be interstate or overseas. As many new migrants know, language can add to the hardship of learning and surviving in a new country. You could be absolutely brilliant in your chosen profession but the language barrier can be such an overwhelming road block.
For this school, we took on the project knowing that Chambers Institute wanted to be different – to take a film approach that stood out among the crowd. We discussed & explored concepts and followed a path that shows life as a journey…where decisions are made, challenges experienced, hurdles overcome & success achieved.
Preface Films is proud to share Chambers Institute – Transformation through education
Preface Films Production Crew:
DOP & Cinematographer – Dean Morris
Script writer – Elyssa Morris
Art Director & Cinematographer – Rochelle Morris
Sound & Assistant – Niki Platis
Nathanael – Thomas LeGuevel
Duval- Laurent Boulanger
Rosie – Faezeh Parkes
Valeraine – Babushka Ferenczi
Interviewer: John Cachia
Music: Songfreedon // Restless – Frederick Capozio
Voice Over: Abe’s Audio