As an educator, I know the value of keeping an audience engaged. It can be a tough gig and especially at a conference where a key goal is to be visually stimulating and educational. This year we teamed up with Nicola McKay, FBA Vic State Manger to create a video case study that became the basis and reference point for all other presenters.

For FBA, the case study has become a far greater tool than just for the event. In speaking with Nicola, she has mentioned that many attendees have since spoken about the video, which allowed them to put into context “real life” family business dilemmas and problem solving opportunities with the presenters. The video also has presented an opportunity to be part of a talk given by CEO Robin Buckham to share the case study as part of an upcoming presentation. What was to be an extension of the written word to generate talk at the State Conference, has become a nice educational tool that has legs!

The Horsham Family – Family Business Australia Vic State Conference 2015 Case Study from Preface Films on Vimeo.

In light of this, how can YOU engage your participants more?

It’s a huge credit to Nicola for the script, organisation and talent search to get the resources we needed to put this together. It also demonstrates a forward thinker and one who is open to explore avenues that extends beyond the norm.

To make your educational conferences more targeted and stimulating, consider adding video content!

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