While I know the pain it was to get through the construction of the lights, I don’t think I fully understood how it effected the surrounding businesses. Yes we could imagine, but to hear from these people and share their grief, it’s heart wrenching. Dean & I filmed this for Sunbury Business Association and from each interview I could feel their pain & heartache trying to survive. Horne St & Gap Road Sunbury Traders

          Working with past clients is always a joy. Recently we filmed with Bureau Vista for a safety & awareness project. This is what they had to say: I first met Rochelle at my first role in Chambers Institute when we produced a promotional video with an inspirational story line for International students coming to Melbourne to study. It was a successful project and Rochelle and Dean were great to work with, which is why I contacted Preface Films again. We worked together again recently on Bureau Veritas’ internal training and awareness video to promote safety […]

EXPAND YOUR CURRENT MARKET THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA EXCLUSIVE TO SUNBURY LOCAL BUSINESSES Social Media is all about building your reputation. The more your customers see you, the greater confidence they have in Your Business. By creating video content for social, it gives your followers opportunities to see your Business in person. They hear, see & feel what you are sharing and building a connection with your brand. Are you struggling to update your content on social media? With a planned strategy, you can share the latest news, feature a product or service, or let your audience know what’s happening in the […]

For many people who are not as savvy with the latest social media trends, or do not have time to give it the attention it requires to understand all of the available options, exploring something new can be quite daunting. I know myself that as platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and the plethora of Apps that keep popping up as another new alternative to build awareness of Preface Films or raise my own professional profile, my mind sometimes feels like it may explode. Many of my clients and colleagues are feeling a strong sense of ‘overwhelm’. How is it possible […]

    Safety at Work has become an increasingly important priority for Australian organisations. The Safe at Work website reminds us that “every worker has a right to work in a safe environment and expect to come home from work in the same state of health as they left”. Monash University is an example of an employer who genuinely cares for their workers, with the OH&S department dedicated to providing a safe workplace and training for 80,000 staff. Preface Films is very proud to partner the OH&S department as they’ve transitioned from PowerPoint based training to providing learners with content […]


It is widely reported that video content is an increasingly preferred method for people to consume information about your brand or organisation when they are online. Whether you or your team have embraced video as part of your strategy or not, you may yourself be aware of the suggestions to include captions in your videos (which makes perfect sense and enables you to have your videos watched from devices when fellow commuters or partners do not want to be disturbed while watching their favourite shows). You may have also been hearing the most recent news on the many features available […]

Have you made a significant retail purchase lately? As a rule, I avoid the shops, as I am a busy business owner and my time is precious. As a video producer, I’d like to share a recent purchase experience where I found myself smack bang in the buyer journey experience. I enjoyed this purchase process for two very different reasons. The first reason was because I needed to update some of my tools of trade, and the second reason was because I experienced the third step in the buyer journey, which I often share with clients when we talk video […]

Everybody knows that staff training is important for any business.  Right?   After all, if you don’t train new staff successfully then they won’t be effective, they won’t be engaged and may feel overwhelmed. The question is how do you train and educate new and existing staff in a fun, memorable and cost effective way. The answer for many businesses is video. Video has the advantage of training and educating the viewer, while also engaging them. This means your staff will retain more information and will be effective sooner. Here are the reasons why videos are ideal for training and […]

  Business is all about trust and relationships. And one of the best ways to build trust is to engage with people by telling your story. Why? Because everyone loves stories. We heard them growing up. In fact, stories have been the main way of communication for thousands of years. When stories are told effectively, they engage, capture and inspire your audience. And they allow people to connect with you and find out about the people behind the brand. It’s no wonder storytelling is the most valuable way to connect with your audience. And one of the best ways to […]

WHERE IT BEGINS When meeting people for the first time, most will ask what we do. Instinctively the words “we create videos for small businesses” pops into mind. Video content for the world of business can vary depending on what the purpose and audience is. We often label the types of productions so people can identify with the product. There are testimonials, training videos, brand stories, documentaries, events, promotional videos and the list can go on. And in the end, after really considering what all of these types of videos do, there are two most important components of a strong […]

I can’t believe the cost of that event?!?! This is an objection most event organisers would face and can sometimes, in spite of an amazing array of presenters, be hard to overcome. I’ve organised events myself (for my video industry colleagues) and have on many occasions heard these very words. How do you justify? How do you over come this? How do you prove that the educational and social events organised are AMAZING and well worth the investment? Play Strategic Most event organisers will use multiple strategies to get the word out about the planned event. There will be blog […]

The story of “The Angry Butcher” initially commenced as a project to raise awareness of depression and to support the beyondblue charity fundraiser, at The AIPP Nikon Event in Perth this year (2015). When Rochelle and I first met Bruce, we knew that he had a story that would evolve far deeper than just an awareness and fundraising film. It’s often difficult for a person to share moments in their life that shape and change them…whether it be good or bad experiences. But one thing we know is that these experiences make us who we are, and that is worth […]

As an educator, I know the value of keeping an audience engaged. It can be a tough gig and especially at a conference where a key goal is to be visually stimulating and educational. This year we teamed up with Nicola McKay, FBA Vic State Manger to create a video case study that became the basis and reference point for all other presenters. For FBA, the case study has become a far greater tool than just for the event. In speaking with Nicola, she has mentioned that many attendees have since spoken about the video, which allowed them to put […]

Travis Burge at LinkedIn :: Profile Video Personal Brand // Melbourne Corporate Video ~ Preface Films from Preface Films on Vimeo. It has often been talked about how video is such an effective tool for business. It can also be said that film can highlight your personal achievements, thus creating a bio that speaks volumes beyond just the written word. For this project, we worked with Travis Burge, Business Leader and Disruptive Technology Evangelist from LinkedIn Melbourne Office. Drawing on his expertise, our goal is to showcase the skills he has and the traits that have made him a valuable […]

This personal story that Craig shares, has a deep rooted purpose that explores men’s health. As part of a personal project, Craig has embarked on a journey to capture the amazing images that men in their sheds experience. In answer to a call to support his project with a film piece, Dean undertook it as his personal project, using his talents & energy to create something that he too is passionate about….stories with soul! A note from Craig about his project: Men Shed Photography – A method of therapeutic health benefits through the use of photography as a visual narrative […]

Melbourne Corporate Video// Bluey Australia – Live Active Everyday :: Preface Films from Preface Films on Vimeo. Working with amazing Australian based companies is always a pleasure. This journey took the team through Lake Crackenback, The Blue Mountains and parts of Sydney central, to create an action packed clip that showcases the endurance of Bluey Merino garments. Preface Films is proud to present the Bluey Australia – Live Active Everyday With Special thanks to Brendan Davies, Matthew Tripet, Joanne Brischetto, Jason & Rebecca Lorch, Favourite Cycles Manly & Sydney Harbour Kayaks Music Licence: The Music Bed

The first of many film clips that the team at Preface will be creating for Family Business Australia (FBA). FBA is a peak body who is dedicated in working with family businesses, to advocate on behalf of their members, promote their successes and foster their sustainability and longevity. Steve Sampson from Lionel Samson Sadliers Group & the current national FBA chairman, addresses new members and welcomes them into the FBA community. In this video clip, Steve shares some of the opportunities available and introduces some of the recognised members who have contributed in the growth of Family Business Australia. We […]

Seldex Story // Crafting photo albums that last forever! from Preface Films on Vimeo. Our world is moving at such a rapid pace – it has become a digitalised world. Often I feel we forget the meaning of photos…even though we know the value and treasure them deeply, it can be something we take for granted. Families share images online to the world – with so many options from facebook, instragram and so on. But what about the album? Have we forgotten the experience of sitting around the table and reliving these moments? This story shares the detail & care […]

Rustica Sourdough Bakery & Cafe is situated in the heart of Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Melbourne is known to be a town that’s full of artistry & character. The diversity of the culture allows for creative people to bring their own individuality into everything they do. So is the case with Rustica – a bakery with unique charm that brings warmth as you enter the doors, yet with a style that is truly rustic. For this piece, the team of Preface Films & Brought To You By have captivated the “dare to be different” philosophy of the owner to create something […]

Melbourne Corporate Video // Office Space Central – Keilor Rd :: Preface Films from Preface Films on Vimeo. Urban Workspace – Providing Serviced & Virtual Offices in the heart of Keilor Rd Niddrie, Melbourne. This project is seeking to be an innovative approach in promoting virtual offices as a real approach & a business solution. Using the talents of Bart Easdown to enhance the characteristics & benefits of the site was a key element. The focal points to be promoted were: * location – to city & airports * secretarial service * boardroom access * a thriving locality which creates […]