When meeting people for the first time, most will ask what we do. Instinctively the words “we create videos for small businesses” pops into mind. Video content for the world of business can vary depending on what the purpose and audience is. We often label the types of productions so people can identify with the product. There are testimonials, training videos, brand stories, documentaries, events, promotional videos and the list can go on. And in the end, after really considering what all of these types of videos do, there are two most important components of a strong & meaningful video.


Like any type of communication, a video needs to have a good message. A good message is about educating the audience. What we educate a viewer about can be on a product, service, the business or people, and even how to carefully work in an environment or situation – this is where the labeling comes into play. But importantly the message itself needs to allow the audience to engage, and come out knowing something more. For most production companies, this is the first step. When we prepare for a production we ask ourselves, “what does the audience need to have learnt from this video?” Whilst this may sound like a simple approach, in essence it helps clients identify these key points. In turn we are then able to visually story-tell and create a more engaging piece.


We work for businesses and showcasing branding is part and parcel of our strategic video plan. A brand is the name, term, design, image or any other feature that identifies your product, goods or service as different from those of other products or companies in the market. Your branding represents what you think about your company, its value to the customer and the image it wants to represent. Being aware of the company branding and showcasing it through your production reinforces who you are and what your company represents. It helps attract the clients that are right for you.


For our company, fusing education & branding elements in the films we craft are important to us. They work towards achieving the goals of the production and the end result is a powerful film with strong messaging and branding.

If you are looking for a company who cares about communicating your messages to your audience AND cares about your brand and values, we are the people for you.
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