Everybody knows that staff training is important for any business.  Right?


After all, if you don’t train new staff successfully then they won’t be effective, they won’t be engaged and may feel overwhelmed.

The question is how do you train and educate new and existing staff in a fun, memorable and cost effective way.

The answer for many businesses is video.

Video has the advantage of training and educating the viewer, while also engaging them. This means your staff will retain more information and will be effective sooner.

Here are the reasons why videos are ideal for training and educating staff:


Simplify Ideas

  • Traditional hardcopy training manuals are impersonal and ineffective at teaching difficult ideas.
  • Videos are ideal at explaining complex ideas.  They can show how something is done, rather than describe it – using both visual and audio methods.


Watch it Anywhere, Over and Over Again

  • One of the best things about video based training is the convenience of it. Your staff can watch it anywhere… at their employees’ desk, in a remote office or at home.
  • This helps to minimise disruption and reduces costs.
  • The key is to use videos that can be downloaded quickly, so they can be watched on laptops and phones.


Increased Retention

  • Videos accommodate different learning styles, which helps in having information understood quicker and being retained longer.
  • And because staff can watch it over and over again, they can master new ideas quickly.


Engage Employees

  • Videos help new staff connect with the business by showing them all parts of the company and how things operate.
  • They’ll feel engaged and part of the company right from the start.
  • The best way to do this is to keep the videos between 2 to 5 minutes long, use current content and customise the video.

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