Use these 5 simple tips to help you create engaging, compelling and successful corporate videos.


1) Determine the Purpose of the Corporate Video

The most important step is to figure out the purpose of your corporate video.

Corporate videos are ideal for communicating to your clients, or your staff.

They are an effective tool for advertising, branded content, corporate communications, sales presentations, customer service, training or internal communication.

So ask yourself what is the purpose of your corporate video. Is it to:
• Find new clients?
• Engage with existing clients?
• Find new employees?
• Share important news with your staff?
• Promote a new product or service?
• Increase brand awareness?


2) Know Your Target Audience

Once you know the purpose of your Corporate Video, then you’ll be clear who the target audience is.

The key here is to visualise one individual and speak just to them. If you are general then your message won’t connect strongly to your audience.


3) Create Your Message

Now that you know your target audience you’ll know exactly how to talk to them, in their own language.

The key here is to keep your message simple, specific and direct using words your audience relates to.

Your message needs to emotionally connect with your audience so that it engages with them. One of the best ways to do this is to use stories.


4) Create the Video

If you want your corporate video to have an impact and look professional, then you need to invest in this. After all, you don’t want to look like your video was just shot on an iPhone.

The best way to guarantee a high-quality corporate video is to hire a professional.

Firstly, they’ll have the right equipment. They’ll work with you before the video to plan it, they’ll guide you during the video and will do post-production editing.

Or, if you feel you can’t invest in a professional videographer, then you can do it yourself. However, you’ll need a good quality video camera, a tripod, microphone, strong lighting and editing software.

The things to consider in creating you video are:
• Who will be in the video? If the video is about your product or service, then it’s best to include one of your clients in the video. You can show how it made a difference to them.
• Where it needs to be filmed? Maybe it’s best to film the video on location, or in a studio.
• What shots or angles do you need? Do you want off-camera or on-camera angles?

The most important part of your video is to show the human side of your company while delivering your message. So, be yourself and have fun!


5) Promote Your Video

The final step is to promote your video.

Posting your video on your website won’t necessarily give you a great return on your investment.

You need to have a strategy to promote your video, so you can maximise your opportunities.

We recommend including your video in:
• YouTube
• Your email signature
• Digital newsletters
• Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
• Your company blog page

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