This personal story that Craig shares, has a deep rooted purpose that explores men’s health. As part of a personal project, Craig has embarked on a journey to capture the amazing images that men in their sheds experience. In answer to a call to support his project with a film piece, Dean undertook it as his personal project, using his talents & energy to create something that he too is passionate about….stories with soul!

A note from Craig about his project:
Men Shed Photography –
A method of therapeutic health benefits through the use of photography as a visual narrative in to the life of a man’s shed.
This photographic art is to showcase the very private relationship between a man and his shed. A man’s shed is a place to shelter not just from the rain but also from the ups and downs of daily life. It is as much a mental as a physical hideaway. By tradition the shed is a male preserve where a man can retreat – a sanctuary.
Craig Wetjen (Ambassador for Beyond Blue) photography is to share the stories of proud Australian men in their sheds and promote community awareness of male health. Highlighting the positive effects a man’s shed can have on their health and wellbeing by giving them time out needed to deal with major life events like loss and depression and the power of mate-ship and tinkering. It is my way of giving back to the community to raise the awareness and importance of male health.

To see some of the amazing work that Craig has completed for this project, visit this site & order your book!
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Music Licence: The Music Bed

The Journey of Life ~ The Craig Wetjen Story from Preface Films on Vimeo.