I can’t believe the cost of that event?!?!
This is an objection most event organisers would face and can sometimes, in spite of an amazing array of presenters, be hard to overcome. I’ve organised events myself (for my video industry colleagues) and have on many occasions heard these very words. How do you justify? How do you over come this? How do you prove that the educational and social events organised are AMAZING and well worth the investment?

Play Strategic
Most event organisers will use multiple strategies to get the word out about the planned event. There will be blog & website posts, Facebook posts, word of mouth, eblasts, magazine spreads and any other way that is viable. For all of this, content is needed. It can’t just be ‘the written word’ but complimented by images to stimulate the mind. Photography is obviously an important strategy which allows easy sharing, tagging & provides images for use in future publications and graphic design.

Seeing is believing – what about hearing?
In many ways one of the most effective ways an event manager can achieve a testimonial is by video. In a saturated world of written endorsements, it’s not enough to just read but to hear as one would say, ‘from the mouth of babes’. There are many video approaches that can be adopted from live streaming, recording for video on demand as well as creating a highlight reel. For a marketing approach, creating a highlight allows people who attended to share the best moments of the function, and provides the team with the opportunity to promote the next event.

The AIPP Nikon Event – 2015
Our approach for event highlights focuses on the key messages that the organisation want to express. For this year’s AIPP Nikon Event the goal was to communicate that the AIPP community goes beyond just educating their members. The final night sees a celebration and a charity auction. This year our association supported beyondblue. Raising $58K for the charity, we had the opportunity to translate what this association & event is all about.

AIPP Nikon Event 2015 from Preface Films on Vimeo.