We are living in interesting times where we are required to consume a lot of information each day. Whether it be on your device, television, on the way to work, when you put petrol in your car . . . there’s a lot to take in.

If your role is to help your brand, service or organisation get noticed by the right person, how do you combat this? It’s critical to get the right people to notice you, and yet, and with so many messages coming at people every single day, you need to do this well to be effective.

I’m increasingly talking to my clients about the idea of touch points. The buyer or your internal stakeholders (who may be staff, for example), will come across your messages at different times and at different stages of their journey. I believe there are key 3 parts to this journey, and you can read about this in more detail here.

Getting the right people to notice you, your product or service, is pivotal to your marketing success. So let’s talk about this, not from your perspective but from your buyer’s point of view. Hmmm already I get a sense of unease, because what does that mean to look at it through the buyer or audience’s eyes?

Provide Evidence That You Are the Right Fit

Be reassured that it’s not as daunting as it sounds. What it does require is a little shift in how you think about the content direction, tone and approach you present for your brand or organisation.

In this phase your buyer is looking a bit deeper . . . basically, they’re doing their research.

This is a very important stage where purposeful content will engage these buyers and lead them to that final conversion.

Are you trustworthy? What reviews or feedback have you had? Are you the right company to provide what I’m looking for? These thoughts lead to the actions of digging further into your brand. They then think about what information, videos, content that you have shared and posted, and invariably take the action of liking or sharing that information.

Your goal here is not to direct sell. It is instead to give potential buyers the chance to engage, find out more and consider the next step.

It’s important to remember that your audience is shopping, and so if you want people to look further into what you are offering, there’s an opportunity to provide them with content they can relate to. And in doing this, your approach will tick off the 3 key points of guiding your buyers through this journey:

1. to elicit actions that you want them to do by digging deeper

2. to think about you, your product or service so they can decide if you are who they want

3. to ‘like or share’ your content with others for thoughts and demonstrate a connection to what you are offering

PowerPoint Presentation

Know Who You Want to Get Noticed By

And there’s more good news . . . if you’ve prepared your communication strategy well, you’ll have a clear idea of who you are trying to influence (which I suggest is essential) and have developed the thinking to ensure you’re also making a meaningful emotional connection with your target audience.

Buyers are more than consumers who purchase a product. Your internal people and stakeholders buy into the content that you share so this is more than ever, an approach that larger organisations need to consider.

When people think of an audience and marketing strategy instinctively most people would visualise the consumer. The B2C approach is far more apparent and I feel that whilst we as business owners are more aware of consumers, we may not always be tuned into getting them to notice. Consider the hard sell – does that work on you? Sometimes, yes! But most people tend to shy away from the car salesman tactics.

With so many messages coming at people, the wrong approach can impact negatively on your business and they can easily switch off.

Valuable Content to Help You Dig Deeper

Here are 3 case studies to help you develop a deeper understanding of how this concept can translate to quality video content . And as a side note – can you see what I am doing here? I’m practising what I preach and acknowledging where you are at in your buyer journey, doing your research and reading on. So here is some relevant content to help you with your research, so you can can dig a bit deeper and enjoy some of Preface Films’ great cinematography.

Case Study – Dr Ivor Berman

Dr Ivor was referred to us by a web developer who wanted us to help create content that would support the new web design. There were two layers we worked with for Dr Ivor – firstly his ‘About Me’ story and secondly a series of FAQs. In discussing the FAQ content, we wanted to modernise and translate the written words he was currently using, to create videos that showed empathy to the concerns and emotions a patient feels.

Health care in general can be quite frightening, so in using video as a means to explain some frequently asked questions, Dr Ivor embraces his audience in the same way that he does in real life – his compassion is evident.

Let’s explore how Dr Ivor’s FAQ video gets the right people to notice. To clarify also, we made a series of 8 FAQs and by creating a volume, potential clients can watch more videos without feeling obliged. While they can still read the FAQs, many of us are visual and so watching them also gives them a sense of who will be treating them.

Is Dr Ivor the clinician that I want? This is where the audience can think of their choices – they’ve heard what he’s said and can then make contact with him if they need to clarify something that is more relevant to their case. They can like, share or even save the video on Facebook so they can go back to it when they are ready. All of this is free for his audience and provides opportunities to help increase engagement in Dr Ivor’s service.

If you are looking for a powerful way to engage your audience, this is a popular choice for many of our clients wishing to leverage video content to help them get noticed by the right audiences.

Case Study – Monash OH&S Conference

Monash University’s OH&S Department has been a long-standing client of ours. Every two years they host a conference that embodies all things OH&S. In 2016 we sponsored the event and supported their efforts by creating a highlight of the day.

Event promotion is a strange beast, and whilst many people look for various ways to engage and encourage attendees, this really needs to start beforehand. For an annual event, I advise clients to create content for next year’s event from this year’s event.

Who do you want to get noticed by?

1. Firstly, and importantly, event productions engage attendees. By sharing the learning and social experiences that you have worked so hard to make happen, allows people who didn’t attend get to attend a taste of what they actually missed out on. While you can use images, they are not as powerful. Video captures the key notes that presenters share, laughter of the audience and reminds people about what it was like to be there, connecting everyone back to a shared experience with others. For Monash, their attendees were staff and other affiliated members in the OH&S space.

2. From an organiser’s point of view, sponsors are an integral part of events. They can support a conference financially, with their products or services. Creating a highlight video gives something back to these sponsors who can be showcased in the reel. This provides an opportunity to be cross promoted which gives value back to the sponsor.

For your next event, consider the opportunities you create and how best to leverage the experience to get noticed.

Case Study – Crohn’s & Colitis

In my final case study, I’d like to talk about a not-for-profit organisation who’ve been developing their video content journey with us. The focus has been on updating their content and featuring some well told stories about the people who work behind the scenes. For those who know about the bowel disease crohn’s, you will be aware of how debilitating it can be. Many years of research is invested in finding a cure and ways to support patients. Often members and patients rarely get a glimpse of the behind the scenes people who work tirelessly for them.

This video follows Christopher Poulton at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Randwick. We hear about Chris’ research, his findings so far and what has motivated him to follow this study path.

As the audience are members of Crohn’s & Colitis, we were aware that the films needed to be a mix of medically savvy conversation with research updates that patients, family, friends and caregivers can understand and learn from. We also realised that to help drive the story, we needed to put Chris in context so viewers can get a glimpse of him at work.

In our conversations with the marketing team, we talked through some of the opportunities to get their members to notice the film. There are two versions – a longer 5 minute piece that will be hosted on youtube and their site, and a 1 minute clip that will be used for marketing purposes through Instagram and Facebook.

We realise that these tech savvy people who explore their illness and find support from others, use social media. It’s a logical process to have created content to support this outcome as part of a strategy.

Creating video content to help you get noticed by you the right audience isn’t complicated. In fact, simple is often the best approach. Our goal is to get to the heart of each story we tell, and we’d love to help you tell your story and connect with those who matter to your brand and organisation.

Preface team 2016

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