Crafting a story that is geared towards our own industry, video producers is somewhat of a challenging exercise. We had in our minds the need to focus on key elements that the AIPP wanted to bring out, whilst being fully aware of the need to make this a creative film clip. With such synergies lying between video producers and photographers, we looked at honing on elements that were both similar and unique. The focus on lighting and composition as the two transferable skills between the art forms, with audio being a speciality to video production help form the composition of our piece. With our first production piece geared towards “raising the bar to new heights” this clip was about exploring the many paths of learning, networking, team work & growing as a community that are associated with the membership benefits of the AIPP.
As most professional producers will know, pre-pro is such a vital component to any successful piece of work. Initially when the association spoke to me about this project, the first concept that came to mind was opening doors that lead to the multitude of opportunities that become available. Tatjana, who is our first choice in art direction, discussed our thoughts and took into consideration all the elements that we required to achieve. We discussed why members join an association and ultimately put forward that the AIPP is like a resource pool…a clear point for our company in choice and reason for membership.
With our ideas on board, Tatjana came back with the concept of mazes…exciting possibilities both visually and script wise. The challenge though was to find the perfect location. We needed the opportunity to have a musician to demonstrate audio & lighting, an artistic painter to express natural lighting and composition, and many locations that metaphorically showed the challenges of overcoming obstacles. Our initial thought was Montsalvat & after location scouting for 3 days we went back to our original choice. Talent scouting was the next hurdle. Utilising the amazing people from AIPP head office we complimented our project with a musician who I came across from another video productions website, and a personal trainer who I am friends on Facebook with 🙂
This was a task that required a team to become the successful piece that we envisaged. Calling on the talents of Michael to assist with filming enabled Dean to capture a greater variety of shots. George, an expert gaffer & sound engineer was a perfect selection to assist in the setup of the musician. Steven, our BTS shooter for the day, worked at capturing footage that we will work towards creating a supporting piece. His footage also helped to add the dimension of the video producers in action.
This piece could not have been accomplished without the many talented people who worked and helped in the production.
Dean & Rochelle Morris – Creative Direction, Project Management, Film-maker, Producer
Tatjana Green & Matt Barnett – Art & Concept Direction, Script Writing
Michael Dalla Rosa – Film-maker
George Mavroyeni – Lighting & Audio specialist
Steven Boyle – BTS Film-maker
Alvin Sumardi – Assistant
Explorer: Glenn Munso
Musician: Buray Hoshsoz
Sound Engineer: Wendy Matthew
Painter: Goran Dojcinovic
Model: Peta Maskell
Music Licence: The Music Bed


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