With a new addition to Office Space Central at Flemington Rd, we were asked to create a video to promote the appeals of the location. Our meeting with the office manager highlighted key points that he wanted to bring out – close to the city, freeways and parks, with onsite parking available.
Taking this on board, our team put their heads together to create a promotional film that captured the essence of this office space. As a business owner, we felt that seeing these benefits through the eyes of a professional would make this company stand out from their competitors…real benefits for real people!
What we achieved is a clip that goes beyond the four walls, captivating an audience of business owners who are in search for the right location, ticking the boxes they value.

Melbourne Corporate Video // Office Space Central – Flemington Rd :: Preface Films from Preface Films on Vimeo.

Our Cast
Lead Female – Sarah Duffy
Lead Male – Joe Tamburro
Lynne Parker
Matt Cook
Myriam (Mimi) Ghisellini
Kamani Kaushik
Andrew Riley
Music Licence: AudioJungle


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