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Our team here in Melbourne have been supporting marketing departments in the corporate and commercial sector for various industries. As online content has become the norm for pushing ideas and striking the right chords with audiences we have been creating vignettes around the globe for various uses that apply to online marketing strategies ie: seasonal promos, making of / behind the scenes, human stories + city profiles etc.

Below is a short article that is written to explain the power of branding. In our other blog posts there are some recent work from our company, all of which have a completely unique feel & direction to match the branding of the companies.

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Your Brand Story ~ The definition of your business

Defining the brand is often the first step that is bypassed when starting a businesses. Your brand is how customers perceive and think about your business – it is your identity and in many ways, it is the ‘personality’ and attributes that your clients will resonate with. The goal of all great brands is to distinguish your company from your competition.
Similarly when looking at incorporating video into business, it should be the first port of call as a strategy. Many people feel that they need to get their message across of what they are selling, be it their product or their service. However what people don’t give credit to is the buying power behind their business which often differentiates those who sell without selling.

These are principles that we apply to the videos we produce. We know how important our brand is to us so in turn representing your story is our goal for you.
Brand videos should be geared towards:

Increasing the public’s awareness of your business name and logo.

Building a strong company “essence” that inspires loyalty and trust in your current customers. This in turn provides a level of familiarity and comfort to draw in potential customers.

Three key markers

Through all the research and articles published about branding, there appears to be three key motivators central to a successful brand.

Clarity: This is the content of your brand; who you are, what you do, who you do it for, why it matters to them, and how it’s different from anyone else in the marketplace.

Consistency: Be clear in your message as well as in all of your collateral that you share with your clients and business partners – this is who you are. This is how all your communications, actions and accomplishments start to work together, building up into the unity that is your brand presence in the marketplace.

Character: This is where your personality shines through. It’s what brings you to life at an emotional level. It’s what makes people want to connect with you. It’s what turns necessity into desire. For example, it’s what turns the statement, “I need a new cell phone,” into “I want that new cell phone”

Using Video For Your Business – Contact us to discuss your needs

  • Allow us to bring bring video into your business
  • Crafting films that you will be proud to share
  • That will resonate with your clients
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