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Communicating with staff in large corporations can be a challenging process.

Many departments use staff meetings to talk through events that are occurring in the organisation. The challenge however is that unless management is there personally, key messages and thoughts to local or rural areas are harder to be shared.

Emails and newsletter are a common form in our modern era. But one thing to consider is, how long is your ‘inbox’? What gets prioritised and what gets forgotten. If you can easily miss a communicatio9n, chances are your staff do too.

Instead of sending out emails, you may want to consider creating video communications for staff.

Internal videos are perfect for sending out specific communication, improving induction processes or documenting your company culture.

Videos keep your teams informed in an entertaining, engaging and interactive way. And they are proven to increase communication effectiveness with your staff.

Here’s how:

1) Easily absorbed messages

Videos are ideal to help staff to absorb your message in an easy, clear and fast way.

Instead of writing many paragraphs or sending many emails, videos communicate the same message in seconds.
2) Save time

Videos can save your staff (and you) time by eliminating some meetings, handouts, emails, and documents.

Because videos use visual and audio, you can use these to train new staff as well as existing staff on changes in the company.
This saves time as you don’t need to have the same type of meetings over and over again.

In fact, a good quality video creates a consistent message that is easily distributed throughout the company.
3) More engagement with staff

The best type of videos are the ones that connect with your staff, which leads to them feeling more interested and engaged.

It’s important that information is not just facts and is in context with the business culture.

The key to having a powerful and effective video is to keep it short, punchy and make them conversational.

4) Saves money

Videos can be seen and heard anywhere, which reduces travel costs and training costs.

And because the same consistent message is shared with everyone, it eliminates miscommunication issues.


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