This year, Rochelle will take the stage to discuss how businesses can use video as part of their marketing strategy.

Providing practical advice, she will share her knowledge of what types of video you should be sharing and ‘when’ in your strategy timeline.

What I find is that many people don’t realise that there is sort of a timeline of what should be shared first and so forth. To be truthful, it wasn’t until I did a webinar series run by Ben Amos from Innovate Media, that it all made sense. I hope to explain and give some examples of the type of videos that can be made, both professionally and on your own.

To help support her community and Sunbury women who are in business, Preface Films will also be running a major prize draw valued at $2500 to ONE lucky SBA member. Make sure your membership is up to date!


WHERE The Epicurean Emu Bottom – Homestead Way, Sunbury, VIC 3429

If you are keen to discover the power of video, book your seat here!