Your questions

Do you ever wonder what your customers think of your business?

Do you wonder whether they remember you?

Are you curious about what they say to their friends about your company?

If these are questions they you ponder over, then you may want to consider the strength of your brand power & improving your brand awareness.


So what is brand awareness?

It’s about:

  • Letting your potential clients know who you are and why they should do business with you
  • Getting your message out
  • Making your brand known
  • Creating a loyal and solid customer base
  • Standing out from your competition

If you don’t have an infinite advertising budget like large organisations, then finding other ways to increase your brand awareness are important part of a marketing strategy.

In today’s era, you will read and hear that one of the best ways to do this is by creating video content.

Why is video so powerful?

Using video content multiplies the opportunities to get your brand recognised.

The question you may be asking is…

How do videos increase brand awareness?

It’s well known that Google loves videos, which means the more high-quality videos you create, the more likely your business will be ranked highly on Google.

Video content is also shareable and with so many social media platforms to promote your work, your opportunities accumulate as more apps are created. No longer is YouTube the only way to cross share video. You now have Facebook, Facebook Live, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and the list can go and on. Directly loading or embedding your video content gives you that extra reach that can become a 365 day advertisement!

The goal is to have your videos showcase your company, be seen as the expert, and most importantly create trust with your potential clients. Brand awareness isn’t about directly selling but rather being implicit and socially engaging who you are to your followers.


Types of video

The list below are the types of videos to effectively increase brand awareness:

  • Tell your brand story

One of the best types of brand awareness videos are ones that tell a story. Use real stories to share your beliefs and values of your business. It helps your audience make a choice as to whether your business is right for them and identifies who your target market audience is.

  • Create a client story

One of the best ways to create trust with your audience is to share a story of your client. Their experience and how they have interacted with your business can be extremely powerful. It always helps to have someone else speak on your behalf.

  • Make an explainer video

Another way to use videos to create brand awareness is to share information about your products or services. Use the videos to show them how to best use what you offer.
The key to branded videos is creating them to be memorable. Make them stand out so you stand out against your competitors!

  • Live thoughts on social media

One effective strategy is to share your thoughts on live video social media platforms. These don’t necessarily have to be done professionally and can be done with simple phone technology to give immediate and interactive insights as to what you are doing, and thoughts of what is current. Larger organisation can also bring on board companies like ourselves who are able to assist with live feeds of events that can be shared immediately through company Facebook pages.
The key is to create a variety of content

The more videos you have with a variety of content, the more increased exposure you’ll build. By posting videos often you’ll quickly become top-of-mind for your audience.

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