Creating content for your business is never about you – it’s about your audience.

Whilst many business owners want conversion, many don’t necessarily understand what that content should look like. And sometimes, what you think it should look like, doesn’t always align with the outcomes you intend. This is where understanding the ‘Buyer Journey’ and considering your strategy is valuable.

So, what does the ‘Buyer Journey’ mean and how does that fit into a strategy? Well, the ‘buyer journey’ is the process that all people go through – from the point of deciding they want or need something, to investing in it.

There is:
• Brand Awareness, where a person learns about the businesses – who are you?
• Engagement, where every touch point is a reminder of who you are and what you offer.
• Conversion, when they are ready to buy and want validation in their choice.
And this is where we come in.

My goal is to listen to what you have to say, consider who your audience is, discuss what you hope to achieve and then work with you to produce an amazing story that ticks all the boxes.

Then we create.

Last month, we listened to Mayada, from Sweet Mayada Cakes. She spoke about memories and creating them with cakes. Her impact for me and many others was powerful – she brought awareness of who she is. She told us her story. From this first meeting, we worked alongside her to take that pitch and bring it to reality.

This is Sweet Mayada Cake’s brand story